The Outstanding Developer

Boost your soft skills to become a better developer
Sebastien Castiel

Being a developer is not only about writing code. And improving as a developer is not only about improving in writing code. This book explores how to become an outstanding developer through several axes, such as maximizing your productivity, learning new skills, boosting your creativity, or improving your communication with others.

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About the book

In The Outstanding Developer, the author explores some of the ways for a developer to become not only better but one of the best. And coding is not enough, neither is improving as coding.

Inspired by renowned books, research articles, and the author’s personal experiences, this book will show you how to:

  • boost your productivity in your professional or personal programmer life,
  • learn new skills and master the ones you already have,
  • improve your creativity to help you solve problems,
  • enhance your communication with your coworkers, clients, or users.

You’ll discover how to use tools such as Deep Work or Nonviolent Communication, become better at code reviews, or how writing technical articles could help you to learn new skills.

By becoming an outstanding developer you’ll love programming more and more for the rest of your life.

About the author

Sebastien Castiel

Sebastien Castiel has been a developer for more than ten years. He is specialized in front-end and mobile development, especially using JavaScript and React. He is always looking to learn new things (languages, frameworks, paradigms…) and shares his knowledge with pleasure on his blog or other platforms. For the last years, he dedicated a lot of time exploring how to improve his productivity, skills, or creativity, which led him to write this book.

Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 — Productivity
  • Chapter 2 — Deep Work
  • Chapter 3 — Learn, Learn, Learn (coming soon)
  • Chapter 4 — Serious Study & Deliberate Practice (coming soon)
  • Chapter 5 — Creativity (coming soon)
  • Chapter 6 — Communication (coming soon)